If you are running the Venue Server on a Windows machine, you could experience some issues to establish the connection between the Venue Server and other clients.

First, ensure that the Venue Server is correctly providing a valid endpoint, by looking at the Network Interfaces table. If you see a green marker, that means that the Venue Server should be accessible at the endpoint specified in the API WS URL column.

If a client on the same network is not able to connect to the Venue Server, maybe the firewall is blocking the connection. To solve this issue, you will need to add an exception for the Venue Server in the firewall configuration.

To add an exception:

  1. Go to the Windows Setting Panel
  2. Open the Windows Firewall Defender
  3. Click on Advanced setting
  4. Go to Inbound rules
  5. Click New rule...
  6. Select Program, set the program path (where the Venue Server is installed)
  7. Select Allow the connection, check Domain, Private and Public
  8. Choose a name for this exception, Fiba 3x3 Venue Server for example

Note:During the first start of the Venue Server, you should have a Windows popup asking you to confirm on which type of network you currently are ("Private" or "Public").