The Venue Server is a desktop application developed to improve the network performance between event data and consumable services such as the TV feed API.

The main purpose of the Venue Server is to provide the same API interface for event data to API consumers such as TV crews when venue network connections are an issue. Having an active Venue Server running is fully transparent. The only requirement is having both the Venue Server and Scores Apps on the same local network - for example by using the same WiFi router.

The Venue Server will be set up by the event organiser who will also provide the relevant API consumers (ie. TV crews) with the Venue Server API WS URL.

The application is available at

Once installed and active, this application will act as a server on connected networks, providing a WS API endpoint to retrieve event and game data. This means that if a Scores app ( is on the same network as the Venue Server, it will send its data directly to the Venue Server rather than to the cloud server. For API consumers such as TV crews who are  broadcasting the event, they can then connect their broadcast tools directly to the Venue Server instead of the cloud server to get event data. This local network connection will significantly reduce network delays caused by more distant cloud connections.

The technical documentation is here

Currently available API endpoints and documentation on Venue Server:

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