With the Premium subscription, you get additional time to make an event official.

48 hours after the end of the last game of an event, each organizer receives notifications to remind them in order to make their event official on time. They will receive a notification 48h after the event, informing them that the event will be unpublished, and this is last chance to make it official, Next notification will inform organizer that it has been taken down permanently.

Once this 48h mark has been reached, all events that have not been made official on time are unpublished from the play.fiba3x3.com website. 

After that, organizers have up to 1 week after the end date of their event to make it official and allow the event to appear again on play.fiba3x3.com.

Premium users will have up to 14 days after the end date of their event to make it official.