Short answer: No, it doesn't. You can still add yourself as a player.

When you register a team it means that 

  • you log in using your FIBA 3x3 profile

  • you register your team, and you become the team lead (team contact person)

  • You can then add yourself or any others as players to the team

When you register as a guest, you 

  • do not need to have a FIBA 3x3 profile (but you do need to verify your the email address you leave as a team contact)

  • you are not added to the team as a player

  • You can add any valid Fiba 3x3 profiles to the team (must be a confirmed profile) 

The latter option is obviously more suitable for parents of youth players, coaches, manager or agents doing the registration on a behalf of the team. They can easily add players and be the contact of the team but they do not need to create a permanent FIBA 3x3 profile for playing.