As a validated team the players that are picked by the team-manager can have a specific status at a specific time which allows the team manager to perform various actions as outlined below:


Once a player has been picked for a team (either during Create Team or Edit Team) the initial status of that player is pending / nominated.

This allows the related player to log in with his own account to and provide additional information when accepting the nomination.The player can also decline the nomination - consequently all data that associate the player with the team are discarded.

Approved / Accepted

Once an invited player has accepted the nomination, this player can be picked for a Challenger / World Tour roster. During that time the particular player can still be removed by the team-manager via Edit Team.


A player is confirmed for a team if one of the following situations occur:

a) The player was part of the top 3 ranked players of a team and thus his points have been considered for the team ranking calculation. 

b) The player was picked for a Challenger or World Tour roster

Confirmed player can't be removed by the team-manager anymore and have to stay for the whole season with that particular team. In case of force majeure the team-manager should contact FIBA via