The organizer can configure how registration links are displayed at the event directory and how many player confirmations are required before the registration is considered final.

The five different registration type have different characteristics

Registration TypeWeb Registration

Team contact email (via FIBA 3x3 Profile or email verified Guest)
Min number of players accepted
Organizer approval of team required?
Number of steps in the process
Public Team Lead

0No4 ***)
Public Fully Confirmed

3 *)
No5 ****)
Public Organizer

3 *)yes **)6 *****)
External link
External web site configured by the organizer

Not required
Organizer ManagedNo public web siteNot required0NoN/A

*) Requires each player to log in to their FIBA 3x3 Profile and click Accept.

**) The organizer needs to use the registration queue functionality to explictly accept teams. The organizer can see the timestamp when the confirmation criteria was met for each team, and then the organiser can make case-by-case decisions which teams to accept and which to decline.

***) The flow of Public Team Lead

****) The flow of Public Fully Confirmed

*****) The flow of Public Organizer Confirmed